About Eagle Print Letterpress

There’s nothing quite like the elegance of letterpress card. It provides an intriguing alternative to everything mass-produced and glossy. The centuries-old art of letterpress printing combined with trendy designs and velvety papers reveal the pure qualities of each, transforming stationery into a chic personal accessory. Eagle Print's characteristic sunken deep impression into the plush surface of the cotton paper creates a look that is both seductively alluring to the eye and irresistibly soft to the touch. While not appropriate for every project, letterpress can add the oomph factor to your designs. Eagle Print started out as a print shop in Toronto, offering letterpress printing since 2006 to artists, designers, retailers and direct customers. All printing is done in house using vintage cast iron presses. Eagle Print is committed to reducing our environmental footprint on Planet Earth by using paper made from 100% recovered cotton fibres and low VOC soy based inks. With relentless dedication to superior quality, Eagle Print achieved a trade mark look of an impression, on paper and on customers as well. Printed in Canada. Letterpress is not inexpensive, but you might not want to go with the cheap invitations either.

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