Color Matching

Our local ink manufacturer can provide us with special match inks and custom colors. In some cases the exact color is not correlated to a PANTONE® color. In these cases they can match the color to a color sample that you provide along with the substrate that the job will be printed on. In the case of a special substrate that will affect ink color the formulation needs to be adjusted in order that the color is correct to a PMS® standard.

When the reproduction of the true color is important, you should rely on the years of experience of the lab technicians, their knowledge and test equipment to determine the proper ink formula to reproduce the color you want as close as possible on Letterpress and the paper of choice.
None of the Smart Phone Apps and similar take in the account the effect of Letterpress Printing and the exotic properties of the paper (substrate) used.

The cost of professional Color Matching starts from $65 per color. Please allow 5 business days of processing time.

color proof