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Movie Why Letterpress

We are in Toronto since 1995 and are open to the Public. Come on in, check out our trade mark look of an impression. The characteristic sunken deep impression creates a look that is both seductively alluring to the eye and is irresistibly soft to the touch. Proudly printed in Canada with a low carbon footprint.

Movie Why not to be Cheap

With letterpress you are getting a way better bang for your buck than with any other printing process. We use the finest cotton paper from Lettra, we get the film, make the printing plates and mix the low VOC soy base Pantone ink, set up the impression, etc ... compare that to the measly production cost of an invitation printed somewhere in a basement office on an inkjet printer.

Movie The Letterpress Process

You can save big time by doing your own design! Find a design on the Internet that you like and adapt it to your needs. You or your friend(s) are quite capable to create a vector artwork. So, here is your price for 60 5"x7" invitations in 1 Pantone color on Lettra 1 ply stock with 60 unprinted Lettra envelopes:

Can $217.- plus tax

This price will most certainly fit your modest Letterpress Budget. It will satisfy your need for artistic expression and also the need of the older generation around you for tangible keepsakes. If you wish, a printed set of 60 4Bar Thank You Cards with blank Lettra envelopes are: Can $186.- plus tax.


For a quote on printing a custom invitation set for you, please fill out the contact form with your project requirements; specifying core information such as size, material, finishes and quantity. Link to online samples are always useful.



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Copyright MMXVI - Eagle Print Letterpress - Toronto - Some Rights Reserved - Letterpress rendering is done on all the typefaces of the Bell Centennial Font Family by Matthew Carter and the Crash Numbering Roman Font by Philip Krayna - colors are PMS 485C Red and PMS Black - on Lettra Pearl White stock.